Tax Services Etobicoke

"We are in the business of converting challenges to solutions"

AIMS (Accounting Info & Mgmt Solutions) Group provides broad range of accounting services in GTA area. We have the experience, knowledge, and passion to provide you with the very best service each step of your way to success from a new start-up, all the way through to a large multi-million dollars business.

We are committed to meet the unique needs of your business to help you achieve growth and success. We expertise in the following services:

  • Accounting services.
  • Tax returns filing services.
  • Bookkeeping services.
  • Audit & Assurance services.
  • CRA/TCC Audit & Appeal Assistance.
  • Business planning, financial forecasting, & advisory services.
  • Business/ personal loans & finance assistance.
  • Immigration Services.
  • Accounting Services
  • Tax Services

Accounting is the heart of a successful business; accounting information pulsates throughout an organization, feeding you with details needed to give you an edge over competitors.

Accounting knowledge is a powerful tool and it is a key to success of a business. At AIMS Group, we provide professional accounting guidance for your journey of success. Our hard working team of professionals can help you with variety of issues to grow your business from start-up to a successful firm. Our expert and reliable guidance will make your business grow day-by-day.

We provide a broad range of accounting services that include the clients from:

  • Trucking industry i.e. Owner Operators, Brokers, Dispatchers, Drivers, Carriers & more,
  • Professionals i.e. Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Pharmacists, IT Consultants & other business professionals,
  • Franchise Business i.e. Tim Hortons, Subways, KFC, Villa Madina & other franchise businesses,
  • Real Estate & Insurance firms i.e. Real Estate Firms and Agents, Insurance Firms and agents,
  • Taxi Drivers and other self-employed businesses,
  • Financial, Immigration and Education Institutions,
  • Construction and other related businesses,
  • All other types of Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, & Corporations.

It's all about your company, your business, your money & success and when it comes to tax; it can be complex and challenging. From your personal tax return to a small business to even large enterprises, our customized tax solutions work best to meet your growing business needs. Using our extensive tax experience and knowledge, we work hard to make sure that a tax plan is tailored to each client's unique needs. At AIMS Group, we work with our clients year-round to help them minimize their tax obligations and maximize their profits.

All business decisions have tax implications, how much your business has to pay is depend on the tax planning strategies that you rely on. Our expert advice and guidance can help you to minimize your taxes. We can assist you to maximize your profit by implementing our smart tax strategies to meet your tax compliance obligations in business and corporate tax, personal tax, non-profit organizations, trusts, estate and succession planning.

We offer a broad range of tax services that include the following:

  • Corporate and Business tax returns planning and filing.
  • Financial Statements preparation, Information returns, Tax estimates, and Installments filing.
  • Tax planning and filing for Individuals, Sole-proprietorship, Partnership, and Other Business Structures.
  • Tax planning and filing for Non-Profit Organizations, Charities, and Trusts.
  • Tax planning and filing for GST/HST, Payroll, WSIB, Ministry, & Other related accounts.
  • Tax planning and filing for International Income Tax Returns.
  • Preparation and filing for Employment Income Return (T4s) and Investment & Interest Income Returns (T5s).
  • Tax Planning Services that includes; Tax Consulting, Smart Tax Strategies, Identifying available tax opportunities.
  • Assistance with corporate structure reorganizations, amalgamations, asset transfers, and wind-ups.
  • Corporate Share-holder Certificates, Resolutions, Agreements, and By-laws preparation.
  • Corporate Share Sale and Purchase Agreement preparation.
  • Business Sale and Purchase Assistance.