One of the main reasons for a business failure is lack of planning and developing a bookkeeping information system. An effective bookkeeping information system identifies, measures, records and communicates relevant, reliable, consistent, and comparable information about your business's economics activities. Its objective is to help you make best decision for your business success in real life.

At AIMS Group, our team of professionals provide reliable bookkeeping services that will help you to increase your business's success chance and minimize the failure risks. Bookkeeping affects many decisions of a business, our expert and experienced advice will help you to better understand your business and make a wise decision.

We provide bookkeeping services that are customized to each business's unique needs. Our aim is to free you from the tedious task of bookkeeping and assist you to focus in the operations, growth, and profitability of your business. We use the latest version of bookkeeping software that will keep pace with development in technology. It also innovates to make bookkeeping easy and affordable for your business.

Our easy and affordable bookkeeping services will help you to enjoy the things that you love most about your business. We have customized bookkeeping service package to meet your business's unique needs:

  New / Start-Up Small Size Small to Mid-Sized Established And Growing
Number of Transactions / Entries Recorded Per Month 1 to 100 101 to 250 251 to 500 501 and More
Number of Accounts Included: Bank Account, Credit Card etc 1 to 2 2 to 3 3 to 5 5 and More
Offsite and/or Onsite Bookkeeping Offsite Offsite Offsite Onsite and Offsite
Computerized Bookkeeping Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bank / Credit Card Reconciliations Yes Yes Yes Yes
HST Tax Return Filing Annual or Quarterly Annual or Quarterly Annual or Quarterly Annual or Quarterly
Payroll Remittance Filing Quarterly Quarterly Annual or Quarterly Annual or Quarterly
Payroll Annual Tax Return Filing i.e. T4s Yes Yes Yes Yes
Year End Reports/ Working Papers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Guidance and Future Business Decision Planning Yes Yes Yes Yes
Face to Face Guidance with Professional Accountants of AIMS Group Annually Annually Annually Quarterly

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