• Business Planning, Financial Forecasting, & Advisory Services
  • Business/ Personal Loans & Finance Assistance

Every business needs to plan ahead to ensure its success. After all, you would not set off on a long journey without knowing where you are going and the route you expect to take.

At AIMS Group, we can assist you with your business planning and financing forecasts activities to make strategic decisions that will help to shape the successful future progress and good financial health of your business. We have the experience and knowledge to help you set your business budgets and monitor and control spending activities against these benchmarks. We can assist you to produce financial forecasts to indicate expected results and if these are likely to be significantly different from budget, to help you bring them back on your business track. We also work with you to maintain a good business financial health throughout the year to produce budgets and financial forecasts to provide reassurance to banks and other investors.

AIMS Group's year-round business planning, financial forecasting and related services includes:

  • Executive Business and Financial Planning.
  • Business Strategy and Planning.
  • Marketing and Profit Strategy Planning.
  • Operational Budget Planning.
  • Analysis of Business Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats.
  • E-Business Strategy and Planning.
  • Financial Forecasts and Other Financing Planning.
  • Business Exit Strategy and Planning.

AIMS Group assists businesses to create sustainable business value and manage risk & performance by improving their financial and operational structures. We offer a variety of customized industry specific financial, and profits enhance service to meet your business's unique needs. Our services helped our clients in their financial performance, regulatory compliance, profits enhance, and business value creation.

Business dreams need means. Bigger dreams need bigger means, means such as cash money investment, loans, finance etc. One of the main reasons for small to mid-size business failure is lack of capital/ cash to run the business in Canada. Small and mid-size businesses are an important part of Canada's economy, but they face unique challenges when they look for financing.

The financing process, for most businesses in Canada, is very lengthy and painful. But it does not have to be. By taking a professional advice and appropriate steps to prepare in advance, business owners can dramatically increase their chances of securing loan approval. And that is where AIMS Group comes in to help you. Businesses that have good plans to start-up or to grow often use loan's proceeds to help increase their capital to purchase/ upgrade assets, requirements, working capital, to invest in products etc.

At AIMS Group, our team of highly recommended professionals have a vast experience and links to assist you in financing in various business sectors i.e. restaurant/ bars, franchises, manufacturing, automotive, construction, professional services, personal loan/ mortgages, IT businesses, Trucking and Transportation businesses etc. We have links with the best financers in the game to cut lengthy process time and sift out unnecessary details. Our aim is put less bureaucracy in our day to day work and more result orientation. Our services include the following types of loans assistance:

  • Business Start-up Loans Assistance.
  • Assets/ Equipment Loans Assistance.
  • Cash Loans Assistance.
  • Line of Credit Assistance.
  • Professional Services Business Loans Assistance.
  • Private Equity Loans Assistance.
  • Government Grants and Loans Assistance.
  • Apprentice Tax Credits and Refund Assistance.
  • Franchise Loans Assistance.
  • Personal Loans Assistance.
  • Personal and Commercial Mortgages Assistance.
  • Business Plans, Projections, and Financial Documents Preparation Assistance.